Shop for those who need it the most.

And help people during confinement

Create a talent account


Identify your talent

Start giving information about your talent and the service you offer


Update your agenda

Update your available time-date, a task will be suggested to you depending on your agenda


Start helping

Accept or decline a task, and be ready for your mission

How to become a volunteer

1. Create an account

We grant a particular attention to our talents’ capacities in understanding our seniors’ needs, being in tune and benevolent towards the elderly. To guarantee this, we organize free training sessions to teach you the basics and the reactions to develop. 

Click here to take part in our next session

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2. Manage your tasks and appointments

Thanks to our application, you will start receiving requests with tasks to achieve with seniors. Each task has to be done at a given time and date in your geographical area. You will be free to accept or decline them depending on your schedule. Once you accept, go to your appointment, achieve your task and indicate its end.

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3. It’s time to help

From the moment a task is accepted, you can start helping people around you. be sure you have all what you need including government documentation to be able to make the grocery shopping.

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Keep your activities under control


Tasks management

Thanks to our application, you will have a complete vision of the set of tasks to accomplish, decline, current or archived.


Agenda management

You can adapt your schedule, if you are a student or a professional, to accept off-peak time tasks and automatically handle your tasks workflow.


100% Volunteer

We adopt the volunteering mode, HELLO GRANDPARENT is made to help people during this period. Please don’t forget that^^

Frequently asked questions

How to offer a talent or a service?

To offer your talent or service, subscribe, go to your dashboard. -Add a talent, update your availability, then publish your talent. We will take the necessary time to check your whole information before it is visible to our community.

How do payments work?

HelloGrandParent is 100% free! We are in a very difficult period, please contribute to the collectif effort to help the others regarding what you are able to offer

I have changed address, what shall I do?

If you changed your address or place, update it in the section “dashboard-My talents” in the talents and services you published, so that this new address can be taken into account in the searching engine.

I was unable to fulfill my task, what shall I do?

In this scenario, you will have to first inform the beneficiary to reschedule the appointment, and if not possible, you will have to change the status of the task to “declined”. No payment will be collected for this task.

I have several talents or services to offer

You can add your talents or services one by one on “dashboard-Add a talent”. In this dashboard, you will have a global vision of the set you offer. You can edit or delete it.

How to specify the end of my task?

On your dashboard, you just need to switch the task status to “achieved”. The beneficiary will do the same and from this moment, the payment will be released.

How to ask a payment in advance?

For each payment in advance request, please write us at “”, mentioning your ID and the achieved tasks to be payed

How to decline a proposed task?

Go to the section “Dashboard-My tasks”, click on “confirm”, then on the page dedicated to the task, click on “decline the proposed task”

Start posting your help now


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